I'm missing a step by step guide on how to create a text interface on , showing the basics and useful tricks, so I'd get a general knowledge of the tools and how they are all pieced together. This way all these doc pointers I'm stacking on my browser tabs (forget about emacs info if you have 15 things waiting on the queue) would all ring a bell and would probably feel a little less daunting

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Programming something for is really fun, but it is becoming a bit exhausting. As I don't know the internals of the editor yet, everything I read in the docs points to several other topics I know nothing about, and those each point to a couple more, etc.

I want to show a message on the screen, so let's read about text faces, and text properties, and buttons, and button properties, and overlays, and stickiness, and markers, and button keymaps, and minor modes, and...

Lately I'm finding some time to continue working on my Mattermost client for , and I'm having a blast both coding on LISP and learning the emacs API

It's been a while since I've had this much fun writing code πŸ˜„

What's the matter lately with crypto/invest scams and Telegram? Getting a couple per week is becoming normal...

I'm looking for a full sized, low profile, ISO layout mechanical keyboard for a gift, any good recommendations?

Aaaaand done! I have to admit I had way more fun that I thought building this πŸ˜„

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And victory. Just like that, a clean install with Linux, zero issues during the install, wifi working, hardware buttons working, audio, bluetooth...

Things that are not working: battery indicator and auto-rotation (both expected, with solution) and cameras (expected as well, but no solution so far). Reddit and the Guix home both are not responding right now, and that's the signal to stop and sleep.

Windows is still as buggy as I remember :/

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To completely restore the OS I'd need a full reinstall, creating a Windows USB drive from a Linux machine, all that. It seems that I'm on a tricky spot... or am I?

I only wanted to leave Windows installed to update the firmware (which is done by now) and my only option is a full wipe, so why not go all in and just install Linux? If I ever need windows back, I'm not going to use the recovery partition, so... πŸ”₯

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After fighting with the windows recovery tools, it's clear that I'm not going to be able to recover the unit, so I booted linux and tried from there. Ntfsfix is able to identify the problem (same as chkdsk) but it can't fix it (same as chkdsk). After this attempt, now I can't even boot back to Windows.

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One would think that the install would finish after reaching 100%, right?

Nope. On with the second (and hopefully last) percentage count

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We're more than 40 minutes through this factory reset and the progress is marking 43%, so I guess it will take around two hours for the "fast" recovery to complete.

On the plus side, I'm charging the device in the meantime 🀦

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Next step is trying to do a factory reset to start from scratch. If it doesn't work, I'll do the shrinking from Linux and hope for the best on the windows side. If windows stops working, well... Sorry not sorry

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