@ekaitz_zarraga @mgdelacroix Also, if you don’t want that to happen, you can check that substitutes are available before updating with the guix weather command ! It can even tell you which packages are missing and the number of pending builds so that you can decide to still proceed if you think you can build faster locally than wait for the substitute to be available.

@alice @ekaitz_zarraga awesome, thanks both for the info! 😄

Will put that guix weather command to good use, and it's amazing that it tells you if items are queued!

There are a lot of things I still don't know about guix, but everything I'm learning from the system and the tooling is great!

@mgdelacroix Yeah, it's great. I hope I wasn't too enthusiastic and unclear though: it doesn't tell you in detail the (un)queued status of each element in your manifest but it does tell you for each substitute server the number of substitutes found and missing, which one are missing if you pass `--display-missing`, and a quickview of the build queue: total number of packages queued, an estimate of the number of packages built per hour and the number of packages in your initial query which are queued (but you have no information where…). @ekaitz_zarraga

@alice thanks for the detailed explanation! I think I can get enough info to get a rough idea on how big of a build task it would be for my small machine to update all the packages just knowing how many and which ones have not a substitute available. I still need to learn more about the whole system as I was using a home definition to list the packages, and it doesn't seem to play well with the manifest format that the weather command expects

@mgdelacroix Ah, true, manifest are a bit suprising at the beginning but I started using them around the time I discovered guix weather : ) they're really nice, actually you can see them as mere package lists, which you need to pass to a magic function `(packages->manifest …)` to get the proper output structure which you don't need to know about.

@alice that sounds nice! I'm trying to wrap my head around `guix home` as well, so I think I'll try to have packages on a manifest and share that with the home spec to have the best of both worlds :)

Not having much time lately because of Life, so going slowly but steadily...

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