Programming something for is really fun, but it is becoming a bit exhausting. As I don't know the internals of the editor yet, everything I read in the docs points to several other topics I know nothing about, and those each point to a couple more, etc.

I want to show a message on the screen, so let's read about text faces, and text properties, and buttons, and button properties, and overlays, and stickiness, and markers, and button keymaps, and minor modes, and...


I'm missing a step by step guide on how to create a text interface on , showing the basics and useful tricks, so I'd get a general knowledge of the tools and how they are all pieced together. This way all these doc pointers I'm stacking on my browser tabs (forget about emacs info if you have 15 things waiting on the queue) would all ring a bell and would probably feel a little less daunting

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