Today, in "Music I edit and loop for my RPG sessions", Octopath Traveler OST.

This is the first one I discovered, quite easy to edit for game usage as, coming from a videogame, all the songs are ment to be played on loop. It's epic, emotional, can create great tension at times and has amazing combat songs.

Some that come to mind are:
- Decisive Battle II
- Beneath the Surface
- Those Who Govern Reason
- For Succor
- On A Knife's Edge

This is going to be the fourth session of Waterdeep: Dragon's Heist that we spend inside a dungeon in the second chapter, and although sometimes I feel the pace became a bit slow, the players are enjoying it a lot.

As I prepared the dungeon fully for the first session, I'm basically doing no prep at all these days, and I think we're going to end chapter 2 just with this.

If you're GMing Dragon's Heist, check out Blue Alley, 100% recommend.


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