I'm missing a step by step guide on how to create a text interface on , showing the basics and useful tricks, so I'd get a general knowledge of the tools and how they are all pieced together. This way all these doc pointers I'm stacking on my browser tabs (forget about emacs info if you have 15 things waiting on the queue) would all ring a bell and would probably feel a little less daunting

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Programming something for is really fun, but it is becoming a bit exhausting. As I don't know the internals of the editor yet, everything I read in the docs points to several other topics I know nothing about, and those each point to a couple more, etc.

I want to show a message on the screen, so let's read about text faces, and text properties, and buttons, and button properties, and overlays, and stickiness, and markers, and button keymaps, and minor modes, and...

@Boqueroni yo nunca he tenido valor, si te animas (y sobrevives 😝) ¡cuenta tu experiencia!

@Boqueroni es que me recuerda a cuando vi el batido de vainilla con bacon. Es imposible que esté bueno, pero y si...?

Lately I'm finding some time to continue working on my Mattermost client for , and I'm having a blast both coding on LISP and learning the emacs API

It's been a while since I've had this much fun writing code 😄

What's the matter lately with crypto/invest scams and Telegram? Getting a couple per week is becoming normal...

@freakazoid actually, that one is great! In white, with a set of custom keycaps... it could be the one :)

I'll check some others as well, as this one only comes with Gateron Browns and I was looking for installing something a bit more silent like reds, but it's a great fit

Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

@freakazoid I think if I give her a model M or F, the one in need of self defense would be myself :P

I think she would be more into something lighter and less retro looking, but finding anything full sized (not even low profile) with an ISO layout is proving to be a challenge

@freakazoid the UHK looks amazing TBH, but although I could go for a normal profile one, my understanding is that the numpad and F keys row are non-negociable for the future owner 😅

I'm looking for a full sized, low profile, ISO layout mechanical keyboard for a gift, any good recommendations?

@alice that sounds nice! I'm trying to wrap my head around `guix home` as well, so I think I'll try to have packages on a manifest and share that with the home spec to have the best of both worlds :)

Not having much time lately because of Life, so going slowly but steadily...

@faymm @miki creo que es de hecho el uso pretendido de las reacciones, dejar ver que has reaccionado (valga la redundancia) a algo sin querer que eso influya en la conversación sino que quede como algo testimonial.

Ojo, que estoy de acuerdo en que es una forma de "dar ok" sin querer seguir hablando, lo que digo es que creo que es así por diseño.

@alice thanks for the detailed explanation! I think I can get enough info to get a rough idea on how big of a build task it would be for my small machine to update all the packages just knowing how many and which ones have not a substitute available. I still need to learn more about the whole system as I was using a home definition to list the packages, and it doesn't seem to play well with the manifest format that the weather command expects

@alice @ekaitz_zarraga awesome, thanks both for the info! 😄

Will put that guix weather command to good use, and it's amazing that it tells you if items are queued!

There are a lot of things I still don't know about guix, but everything I'm learning from the system and the tooling is great!

@ekaitz_zarraga I don't know much about how the substitutes are generated and made available, but as my package list is quite common (emacs, vim, htop...) it felt unexpected that it took me 30 mins to run a guix pull && hash guix && guix package -u

Definitely running on a tablet with an i3 has some impact on build times as well 😅

@ekaitz_zarraga is it not how it usually is? Guix noob here so I don't have a baseline to compare, but I've been having long and demanding (as in build heavy) updates these past days, I thought that it was normal really

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