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It has zero configuration but to set the jumpers and insert the disks and I just needed an entry on fstab to get it configured on the server. Speed is great although it uses an USB3.0, which suffices for my use case, but I understand that other people might prefer something faster.

Reliable, simple and easy to use. Two takeaways from this:
- If you want reliable storage for an already existing server, better a RAID enclosure / SAN than a NAS.
- Run as far as you can from TerraMaster products.

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On top of this, the NAS started to have problems to power on, and the customer support gave me no solution to fix it but to extract a disk power the machine on and rebuild the RAID right after, as that way the device could boot correctly.

So I recently decided that I would be much better working with a disk enclosure with hardware RAID support, and I could not be any happier with the change.

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I've had a server at home for almost 10 years now for my homelab, and last year I decided to go from a mirror RAID built directly on the server to something a bit more robust, so I bought a NAS.

I used it to export the storage as an NFS share and mounted it on the server, and although configuration was fairly easy, it quickly proved to be a bad idea. Any flakyness of the network would cause I/O errors and the speed was poor to say the least.

I think that's enough of fediverse for the day. Followed plenty of people from the old account and visited some nice memories in the process

Trying to decide still how I'm going to migrate the data from my old account... might just follow some people and start from scratch 🤷


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