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It gets better. The error that I got while trying to shrink the windows partition left the drive in an inconsistent state.

The OS can only see 40GB of disk space used (out of 128) but the disk is reporting that 120GB are in use. Now I can't shrink the partition to install Linux, nor use the Surface with Windows as I don't have almost any space left.

It's wonderful, trully wonderful.

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So I've spent like 20 minutes with the Surface Go 3, trying basically to update the firmware and then install Linux.

In my short time with Windows, I've already got 3 errors, one with the update process and two disk resize errors, all running normal operations on the Control Panel.

Ah! And it forced me to create a Microsoft account just to log in and use it.

What an amazing OS, can't understand why people hate it πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

I couldn't start playing with the new toy yesterday (mainly because it didn't arrive) but I've learned that Guix can make tricky to install certain drivers.

I think that I'll go with Ubuntu + Guix to get to know the package manager first, and then I'll use Guix itself to build an image containing all the drivers I need (how cool is that!)

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For the last two months I've been migrating all my configuration to Nix and NixOS, and I'm very happy with how it has worked out (and I've had a lot of fun).

Lately I've been doing a little bit of research on Guix and I'm very curious about it, as it seems to be the result of merging the awesomeness of Nix, the ideals of GNU and a lot of parenthesis. I'll be receiving a Surface Go 3 soon, and of course I need to take the devil out of it, so... should I try Guix on it? Or go for something safer?

8 compilation errors remaining, but at what cost.

So many "ToDo: implement"

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73 and the cochinita pibil is in the oven.

Aiming for tacos + a successful compilation at lunch, not gonna happen tho

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Each error now requires an implementation change, no more type errors or bad references (tho I hope there are some still, or it will be a long night)

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After lunch, a couple of The Witcher episodes and almost falling asleep on the couch, let's go back to this.

I'm at 98, don't even know how I got back up.

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Find&replace. I'm at 91 bugs now, which is good because I've removed a lot of simple changes, and it's bad because WTF are the 91 errors that are left?

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